We sell art with a function. 

Our 100% soy, vegan, hand poured, phthalate-free candles fill the room with your favourite scent, create a sensory ambiance, and light up your space with a unique, thought-provoking piece of hand drawn art. They embody an experience - whether it’s relinquishing the day, choosing to chill, or taking time to tackle self-care.


Our mission is to be your solace with soul. 

For those who love to support local, engage with art that makes them think, and chill out at the end of the day, we have created a handmade, vegan soy candle with edgy original artwork, which provides a connection to community, a vessel for expression, and an instrument for self-care (that happens to smell damn good).

Nice to meet you.

We’re two sisters who love denim and apparently candles, too. The brown haired one draws all the artwork. The red haired one watches, plus some other stuff.