Meet Daisy Chain...

Daisy Chain is a nomad, both sweet and uncertain. She loves pretty things, revelling in the soft simplicities of life. In the face of confliction, you can find her picking petals and tossing them to the breeze. Often flighty and unacquainted with the future, she is a still moment in the face of chaos. She smells like rows of pink macaroons and fresh fruit on a summer day. In her vintage dress with the window rolled down, Daisy Chain is a dusty road to nowhere in particular.

Here's what else you should know...

- Smells like: fresh fruit, vanilla, tonka bean spice
- 8oz glass jar with lid
- 100% soy wax
- Small batch
- Hand-poured
- Labels hand-drawn
- 45-50 hour burn time
- Skin-safe, phthalate free fragrance oils