Meet Look Alive...

Look Alive is a wicked wake up call. Easily stupefied but always alert, she is the queen of keeping you on your toes. She wears her emotions like a smile, fearless in the way she feels. Both wired and wistful, she is particular about where her passions lie. She smells like freshly-plucked peppermint leaves wrapped in the wisdom of rosemary. And like her name suggests, she prefers to keep her eyes wide through life. 

Here's what else you should know...

- Smells like: rosemary, peppermint, camphor
- 8oz glass jar with lid
- 100% soy wax
- Small batch
- Hand-poured
- Labels hand-drawn
- 45-50 hour burn time
- Skin-safe, phthalate free fragrance oils